CWHS 175 kw Mobiled Wood Pellet Boiler for Heating and Bathing

Yuanda Boiler factory manufacturing 175 KW wood pellet heating boiler, running at Slovakia customer home. This boiler is suitable for house heating, provide central heating and domestic hot water.

In the stage of rising oil and gas prices, this is a pretty good choice.

Product name: CWHS Biomass Pellet Fired Hot Water Boiler

Capacity: 175kw, 150,000 kcal/h

Outlet water temperature: 85℃

Reture water temperature: 60℃


1. Containerized heating boiler, easy to move! It can be put into use quickly when you need it! Often used for emergency heating!

2. Easy to operate

3. Small footprint

4. No need to build a boiler room. The investment is low in cost.

175KW-wood-pellet-heating-boiler for house heating.jpg

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