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small electric steam boiler
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small electric steam boiler
vertical electric steam generator
china electric steam generator

Electric Steam Generator

Electric steam generator | mobile steam generator boiler

Electric steam generator is a kind of vertical boiler 99.8% efficiency which takes electricity as energy. It has the advantages of environmental protection, flexiable use, no pollution, no noise, convenient installation, small occupation

Output: steam, hot water
Thermal Capacity: 18-360kw/h 25-500kg/hr
Styles: horizontal or vertical
Powered by: electricity
Applied Industries: food and beverage, milk, canteen, washing and ironing, cleaning, packaging and labeling, sauna, heat exchange etc


  • LDR electric steam generator is a new high-tech product that use electricity as powered to produce steam or hot water.. It has the advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, convenient installation, small size, automatic control, high thermal efficiency, and has been rapidly developed and recognized by the market.

  • We LDR steam generator minimum capacity is 18kw (25 kg/hr), the maximum capacity is 360kw(500kg/hr). Also has portable steam generator to meet clients requirements.

  • Application: food, beverage, clothing, ironing, cleaning, chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, hospital, hotel, laundry, etc.

  • The LDR electric steam generator can automatically detect the water level, which is safe and reliable, and prolongs the service life of the heating tube. It adopts electric heating, no open flame, mechanical floating ball to control the water level, multiple automatic interlocking control systems, and the operation is simple and safe. Fast vapor production and high vapor quality.

  • electric boiler for industrial use, boiler structure


1. Independent control, more energy saving.
The boiler can start different groups of heating elements for step-by-step adjustment according to the steam demand.

2. Use quality parts
(a) The electric heating tube is made of thick-walled seamless 316L stainless steel tube, filled with imported high-temperature magnesium powder machine, and the high temperature resistance can reach 1000 °C. Flange disassembly is easier to connect and replace;
(b) Electrical appliances adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, which are safe and reliable.
(c) The furnace body and all pipe fittings have been treated with anti-corrosion;

3. Multiple chain safety protection functions
(a) The boiler liquid level adopts three groups of liquid level control: high, medium and low to prevent the heating tube from drying due to water cut off;
(b) The boiler pressure adopts dual pressure control, the working pressure is adjustable, and the power supply is automatically cut off when overpressure;
(c) The set pressure of the safety valve is 0.73 MPa, which is a fully open safety valve. Once the pressure is overcome, it will automatically release it;
(d) There is a temperature protection device on the furnace wall of the boiler inner tank, and the furnace wall temperature exceeds 165 degrees automatically cut off the power supply and sound and light alarm.

4. Easy to install and use
The products have been strictly debugged before leaving the factory. The user only needs to connect the power supply and water source, and press the start button to enter the fully automatic operation state, without complicated installation;

5. LCD display of operating data
Equipment operation data includes heating pipe operation status, furnace water level status, water pump operation status, pressure status, and team fault alarm indicator information
All are LCD display, intuitive and clear.


electric steam generator
Model LDR0.1-0.8 LDR0.15-0.8 LDR0.2-0.8 LDR0.25-0.8 LDR0.3-0.8 LDR0.4-0.8 LDR0.5-0.8
Item Unit
Rated Steam Capacity Kg/h 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
Input Power KW 72 108 144 180 216 288 360
Rated Working Pressure MPa 0.4/0.7/0.8 /1.0
Saturated Steam Temperature °C 151/170/184
Input Current A 113 169.2 235 270 329 432 547
Voltage V/Hz 380,50 (Made to order)
Water Inlet DN 20 25 25 25 25 25 25
Steam Outlet DN 20 25 25 32 32 32 40
Blowdown Valve DN 20 25 25 32 32 32 32
Safety Valve DN 20 25 25 32 32 32 40

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