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dzl hot water boiler with accessories
coal fired hot water boiler
dzl coal fired hot water boiler
dzl hot water boiler with accessories
coal fired hot water boiler
dzl coal fired hot water boiler

DZL Coal Biomass Hot Water Boiler

chain grate hot water boiler | Central heating boiler

DZL hot water boiler is the single drum 3-pass boiler for industrial or commercial heating. This boilers are fully automatic, safe and designed to operate on a wide range of solid fuels like coal, biomass, wood, bagasse, shells etc

Heating medium: hot water
Thermal Capacity: 120-14,000 kw/h, 0.12-14 mw, 200,000-12,000,000 kcal/h
Styles: horizontal / vertical
Available Fuel: coal, biomass, wood chip/shavings, log, and other solid fuel
Applied Industries: greenhouse, central heating, hotel, school, building heating, food&beverage factory, wood chamber, etc


  • Hot water boiler also named heating transfer water boiler, is a new type of industrial boiler that is safe, efficient and energy-saving, can provide energy for heating, drying, and high temperature water. Through heat exchange, the end user can obtain the designated hot water for factory production, or realize central heating..

  • DZL coal biomass hot water boiler thermal capacity from 30,0000Kcal~20Mkcal / 350kw ~21,000kw. Out water temperature is 50℃~130℃, also could adjusted by clients requirements. Widely used for production like heating, drying, bottling, disinfection, sterilization, packaging, shaping, dehydration, distillation, cooking, cleaning, central heating etc....


  • DZ series is quick fitting boiler, horizontal three pass wet back design, with reversal chamber, water and fire tubes boiler with alloy reciprocating grate;  uses coal or biomass fuel.

  • Features of DZL boiler: compact structure, small volume, convenient installation cheap in construction mechanized coal feding and cinder removal. The output of the boiler is presented as suificient and high efficiency. lt is the most appreciated form of equipment for hot water boiler for industrial  use.

  • Yuanda Boiler provide clients with the support and expertise necessary to design, fabricate and install complete boiler system, from the fuel, boiler, and other accessories. Various industrial boiler design are suitable pressure for 4 to 38bar(50 to 500 PSI)

  • Types of Boilers We Offer:

  • related industrial hot water boiler



Three pass gas flue structure & Arched tube plate

1. Three pass design extends the flue gas distance, strengthen the thermal transfer efficiency; 2. Arched tube plate increases the toughness of the tube sheet, prevent end cover cracking


Spiral Fire Tubes(Smoke Tube) Technology

Use the advanced technology which is our patent to design the spiral tubes, to enhance the boiler thermal power 10% higher than normal, and avoid the spiral tube from ash deposition and wearing


Fully automatic chain grate combustion

Use big piece fire grate, air supply sufficient and evenly, tight connection, no leakage, avoid loss of calorific value and affect boiler thermal efficiency


Economizer Design, Energy Saving

1. Recycle exhausted smoke to heat feed water, increase feed water temp then save fuel cost at least 6% per hour 2. Reduce chimney smoke temperature



From boiler solution, optimization to installation, 24 hours online, provide technical support and avoid risks for you


Based on user needs, we supply tailored service, boiler drawing&PID system, boiler room design, foundation drawings etc


Full-life After sale service. With our professional technical experts and service team, skilled technology provides customers with professional services


Our engineer on-site guidance installation and commissioning, ensure boiler running perfect, free training for boiler operator


According to the customer production requirements, provide professional boiler solutions, cost analysis, project investment budget, boiler drawing&installation and commissioning service


dzl hot water boiler
Model Rated thermal power
Rated working pressure
Rated output water temperature
Rated return water temperature
Thermal efficiency
Fuel consumption
DZL 0.7-0.7/1.0-AII 0.7 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 150
DZL 1.4-0.7/1.0-AII 1.4 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 302
DZL 2.8-0.7/1.0-AII 2.8 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 596
DZL 4.2-0.7/1.0-AII 4.2 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 880
DZL 5.6-0.7/1.0-AII 5.6 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 1160
DZL 7-0.7/1.0-AII 7.0  0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 1380
DZL 10.5-0.7/1.0-AII 10.5 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 2030
DZL 14-0.7/1.0-AII 14 0.7/1.0 (7-10 in bar) 95/115 70 >84 2700
Note: Standard boiler parameter is for your reference, should follow the actual technical data according customer needs & engineer design.

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