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vacuum hot water boiler
oil fired vacuum hot water boiler
gas fired vacuum hot water boiler
vacuum hot water boiler
oil fired vacuum hot water boiler
gas fired vacuum hot water boiler

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Boiler with oil/gas burner | Central heating boiler | Boiler for heating

Vacuum hot water boilers also named vacuum phase change hot water boiler. There is a vacuum condition inside, fill heat medium water in furnace and heat these water through oil/gas. Through heat exchange, the heat inside the boiler is transfered to outside water.

Transfer medium: hot water
Thermal Capacity: 0.3-7 mw 300-7,000 kw/h 200,000-6,000,000 Kcal/h
Efficiency: 99.9%
Available Fuel: heavy oil, diesel, furnace oil, biogas, NG, CNG, LNG, LPG, dual fuel
Applied Industries: heating & drying like: food, beverage, wood chamber, greenhouse, building heating, hotel, school, etc


  • Yuanda Boiler horizontal gas/oil hot water boiler heating capacity from 0.35 mw to 14 mw

  • Vertical gas/oil fired hot water boiler heating capacity from 100 kw to 700 kw

  • Vacuum oil gas fired hot water boiler is a packaged safe and high efficiency (99.9%) heating equipment with high automation, adopts the principle of water-fire tube boiler, SU304 stainless steel heat exchanger, high heat transfer coefficient of flue gas, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, ultra low NOX emission and small volume. The vacuum boiler operates under negative pressure and has multiple protection functions. It is safe and reliable and never explodes. It has exquisite appearance, convenient installation, convenient maintenance and no need for supervision.

  • We Yuanda Boiler has strict quality control department. Such as many tests for raw materials, boiler NDT((Nondestructive Testing) including X-ray Test, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic particle Test, then three hydraulic pressure test before packaged.

  • Hot water boiler can heating up space, building, water or some special medium.
    Application: greenhouse, mining, building heating, hotel, school, hospital, lumber,  plating, construction,  food, beverage, slaughthouse and many many


1. Ultra-low nitrogen emission NOX < 30mg/m

2. Automatic PLC control, Automatic Alarming system. Negative pressure operation status detection/control function

3. Low water level/over temperature protection

4. One-click start and stop/power off and self-lock

5. Thermal media water temperature control device

6. Equipped with multiple heat exchangers

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vacuum oil or gas fired hot water boiler operating site



From boiler solution, optimization to installation, 24 hours online, provide technical support and avoid risks for you


Based on user needs, we supply tailored service, boiler drawing&PID system, boiler room design, foundation drawings etc


Full-life After sale service. With our professional technical experts and service team, skilled technology provides customers with professional services


Our engineer on-site guidance installation and commissioning, ensure boiler running perfect, free training for boiler operator


According to the customer production requirements, provide professional boiler solutions, cost analysis, project investment budget, boiler drawing&installation and commissioning service


vacuum hot water boiler
Model Rated thermal power
Heat supply condition I Heat supply condition II
Fuel consumption
Light diesel oil(kg/h) Natural gas(Nm3/h)
Z-WNS0.35 0.35 60/50 ℃
(Suitable for floor heating、central air conditioning、sanitary hot water system)
80/60 ℃(Suitable for radiator heating system) 32.5 36.2
Z-WNS0.7 0.7 65 72.7
Z-WNS1.05 1.05 96.9 108.9
Z-WNS1.4 1.4 125.9 144.8
Z-WNS2.1 2.1 226 189.0 
Z-WNS2.8 2.8 258.6 290.8
Z-WNS3.5 3.5 326.8 363.6
Z-WNS4.2 4.2 388.3 436.2
Z-WNS5.6 5.6 513.7 581.0 
Z-WNS7.0 7.0  639.8 720.2
Note: Standard boiler parameter is for your reference, should follow the actual technical data according customer needs & engineer design.

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