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electrci thermal fluid heater
electric hot oil heater boiler
reactor use hot oil boiler
electrci thermal fluid heater
electric hot oil heater boiler
reactor use hot oil boiler

Electrical Thermal Oil Boiler

Thermic fluid heater | Organic heat transfer boiler | Hot oil heating boiler

GYD electric thermal oil heater is an environmentally thermal energy conversion equipment. The heating element is directly inserted into the thermal fluid oil for direct heating, then circulation pumps is used to force the thermal oil to circulate in liquid phase, transferring the heat to one or more heating devices.

Thermal Capacity: 10 to 1400kw
Heating Capacity: 8000kcal to 1200,000kcal
Temperature: max 400 ℃
Pressure: below 10bar
Applied Industries: printing, dyeing, refinery&chemical, plastic and rubber, wood industry, building material, food industry, etc.


GYD electric oil heater, also named hot oil heating system that use thermal oil or edible oil as medium. The fluid oil is heated in the boiler tubes then transferring heat to one or more heat-using devices at factory, output high temperature oil continuously for end user.

Rated Pressure: 0.6mpa/0.8mpa/1.0mpa

Rated Temperature: can be adjusted, max. 350℃

GYD electric thermal oil boiler, oil heater

The whole system includes electric oil heater, centrifugal pump, expansion tank, control center, oil-gas separator, stop valves, platinum resistance thermometer sensor, pressure gauge with electric contact, alumina silicate fibre insulation and connecting piping mounted on a welded steel base.

Working Principle

●Uses electricity as energy, converts electric energy into heat energy through electric heating elements, no emission worried.
●Use thermal fluid as heat transfer medium, the circulating oil pump to force the thermal oil to circulate in liquid phase
●After passing through the heating device, it returns to boiler by circulation pump. Repeatedly, increase the temperature of the heated object.
●Meet the seted temperature and high-precision temperature control

diagram of electric thermal oil heater boiler


●Using electric energy as power, clean and environmentally friendly, no smoke, no pollution, no impact on the health of operators
●Easy to install, automatic control, no need labor
●Cabinet appearance, beautiful appearance, compact internal structure, saving space, no need for a dedicated boiler room
●RS485 communication function to realize remote automatic control & data collection (optional)
●The electric heating tube is connected to the furnace body with a flange, which is convenient for replacement, repair and maintenance.
●Effective temperature control system, stable heating and accurate temperature adjustment ±1℃.
●Thermal efficiency reaches over 95%.
●Explosion-proof level: Exd II BT4, protection level: IP54.
●Electrical appliances adopt OMRON.SIEMENS.BAELZ.FUJI.RKC.
●Safer and more convenient than burning coal, oil or natural gas
●Provide customers with one-stop service of designing, manufacturing and installing mechanical heat carrier furnaces, and deliver them directly to customers for use.


projects pf electric thermal oil boilers

Our Service

Pre-sale Service:

1. Design一We help customer to choose the best boiler model according to the different requirements of different industries.
2. Drawing and files一Supply quality certificates, factory-inspect, fuel consumption calculation, cost analysis, foundation drawings, layout drawings, boiler room drawings nased on your needs, etc.
3. Technical Solution一Design completed boiler solution with installation materials for your company.
4. Transportation一We have shipping partners and forwarder for lowest price and safe.

After-sale Service:

1. Provide a full range of boiler and original spare parts.
2. Overseas engineers installation and commissioning service is available.
3. Training in site, to ensure safe operation.
4. 24 hours online, quick respond.
5. Free maintenance and repair for one year and lifetime service.

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About Our Company

■ Founded in 1956, a quality supplier assessed, certified and inspected by SGS Group
■ CE ASME DOSH EAC GOST TUV BUV ISO high standard boiler certification
■ More than 17 years of export experience, gold medal supplier, guaranteed payment and delivery.
■ Integrating research&development production and sales
■ Support video/VR or third party factory inspection
■ Best seller in 108 countries, more than 100,000 customers

Yuanda Boiler factory

Quality Assurance

Steel element test→Steel rust cleaningWelding electrodes drying processAutomatic welding, argon arc welding, expansion welding etc. methodsNDT(Nondestructive Testing) including X-ray Test, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic particle TestHydraulic pressure test.

Protective Function

High-matching PLC English/Russia/Spanish control system & touch screen display.

100% safety with 5 Levels Interlock Control

①Super oil temperature alarm ②Low oil flow alarm (pressure difference is too large or too small to alarm) ③Over exaust gas temperature ④Liquid level protection ⑤System interlock: when the system pressure difference is less than 0.01Mpa or the oil temperature exceeds 320 ℃, the system is automatically interlocking, immediately alarm and shut down the combustion machine.


electric thermal oil boiler
model thermal capacity pressure size weight expansion tank
(KW) (*104kcal/h) (Mpa) L W H Kg L
GYD10 10 0.8 0.6 1100 500 1100 200 100
GYD18 18 1.5 0.6 1600 500 1250 200 130
GYD24 24 2 0.6 1950 650 1450 350 150
GYD36 36 3 0.6 1950 650 1450 350 200
GYD48 48 4 0.6 1950 650 1450 350 230
GYD60 60 5 0.6 1950 650 1450 350 230
GYD70 70 6 0.6 2150 700 1750 550 280
GYD90 90 7.5 0.6 2150 700 1750 550 280
GYD120 120 10 0.6 2200 700 1880 750 300
GYD150 150 12.5 0.6 2200 900 1880 750 300
GYD180 180 15 0.6 2200 1000 1880 1200 320
GYD240 240 20 0.6 2300 1000 1950 1200 350
GYD300 300 25 0.6 2800 1200 2000 1750 450
GYD500 500 40 0.6 2800 1500 2000 1850 550
GYD600 600 50 0.6 3000 1800 2150 1950 600
GYD700 700 60 0.6 3000 1800 2150 2200 650
GYD1400 1400 120 0.6 3600 2900 2150 6500 1200

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