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Organic heat carrier boiler
yuanda hermic fluid heater
yuanda hot oil boiler
transfer heating oil boiler

Oil / Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

Thermic fluid heater | Organic heat carrier boiler | Hot oil heating boiler

YY(Q)W series thermal oil boiler is horizontal chamber combustion three-coil structure, wet back boiler. This boilers are fully automatic, safe and designed to operate on a wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels like heavy oil, light oil, gas, and dual fuel options.

Thermal Capacity: 120-14,000kw 150,000-12,000,000Kcal/h
Temperature: 200 ℃ ~ 350 ℃
Styles: horizontal / vertical
Available Fuel: gas, lpg, heavy oil, diesel, dual fuel
Usage: oil heating for printing, dyeing, refinery&chemical, plastic and rubber, wood industry, building material, food industry, etc.


-- YY(Q)W is a kind heating oil conduction boiler, meaning horizontal gas or oil fuel fired thermal oil heater. It can generate stable high temperature (up to 350℃) under low pressure, which is an ideal heat transfer industrial equipment. And independently developed high-matching PLC control system to release multiple linkages. Easy operation & ensure the equipment running 100% safety

-- Widely used for Chemical, Plastic, Textile, Dyeing, Plywood, Fiber, Rubber, Corrugated cardboard, Food, Fryer, Asphalt, Paint and automobile industry, and other drying coated substances etc

Advantages of gas oil thermal oil boiler:

1. 3-pass wet back structure, greatly increase the boiler efficiency, and avoid the boiler outside packing burned out for the high temperature

2. Double door for smoke box,easy inspection and maintenance; Explosion-Proof door, make sure safety

3. Designed inspection hole in the back

4. Fully PLC program automatic controller & touch screen display.

5. Protection devices such as circulation pumps/thermal oil flow meters to deal with emergencies such as power outages

6. 100% safety with 5 Levels Interlock Control. Super oil temperature alarm, Low oil flow alarm, Over Exaust temperature, System interlock



Oil Cover Fire Structure, Three layers Coil Pipes

1. Increase radiant heating area, the boiler thermal efficiency is higher; 2. Prevent the boiler shell from deforming under high temperature; 3.Compact coil tube, no gaps,ensuring the flue gas flow


Double Layer 12cm Aluminum Silicate Insulation

We use double layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulation cotton, boiler surface temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, energy saving and high efficiency


Outputting oil tank external design

Prevent oil carbonization and avoid accidents, and easy for maintenance. Ensure the oil heater lifespan.


Intelligent Monitoring, 100% Safe Running

PLC control, automatic data collection analysis system, over oil temperature/over smoke temperature/low flow alarm

Related Thermal Fluid Boilers:

YLW Coal/wood/biomass type thermal oil boiler, countercurrent heat transfer process, "α" flue gas. Design different furnace & grate according different fuel, Anti-blocking serpentine tube design + inspection door + fixed rotary sootblower. YGL vertical type oil boiler to save boiler space.

coal biomass type thermal oil boiler

Electric type thermal oil heater, it's a easy movable machine, put into use quickly once connect power supply, no fuel arrangement, clean energy power and full-automtic operation. If the electricity price is cheap, or the local market has strict emissions, electric boilers are the first choice.

electric type thermal fluid heater boiler

About Our Company

■ Established in 1956, as a stated owned enterprise.
■ Over 16 years export experiences, payment & shipping protection
■ CE ASME DOSH EAC GOST ISO high standard boiler certified
■ Production of various types boilers, provide pre-sale boiler proposal for customer select
■ Directly factory low price & quality protection.
■ Completed technology & after-sale service team.
■ Support Video/VR inspection. Abroad installation and commissing service etc
■ Technical discussion, drawing about boiler solution for your company use

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oil gas thermal oil boiler
Model Rated thermal power
Rated working pressure
Thermal oil outlet temperature
Thermal oil inlet temperature
Fuel consumption
Light diesel oil(kg/h) Natural gas(Nm3/h)
YY(Q)W-700Y(Q) 700 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 61.3 73.6
YY(Q)W-1400Y(Q) 1400 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 122.6 147.1
YY(Q)W-3000Y(Q) 3000 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 249.2 296.4
YY(Q)W-3500Y(Q) 3500 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 305.6 366.8
YY(Q)W-4200Y(Q) 4200 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 367.5 436.6
YY(Q)W-5600Y(Q) 5600 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 489.6 586.8
YY(Q)W-7000Y(Q) 7000 0.8/1.0 280/320 250/290 612.3 726.9
Note: for place limited, we didnot list all models, if you need other capacity, other pressure, use other fuel, please send us inquiry directly, we will send you detailed parameter.

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