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8 ton membrane wall boiler
12 ton water tube boiler
10 ton woodchips pal shell biomass boiler
8 ton membrane wall boiler
12 ton water tube boiler
10 ton woodchips pal shell biomass boiler

Biomass Fired Boiler

chain grate boiler | water tube boiler | Membrane wall boiler

SZL series boiler is double drum boiler with seamless full membrane wall, grate combustion burning, can produce steam for industrial production. Also our company designing SZL-D type boiler most suitable for biomass fuel.

Output: saturated / superheated steam
Capacity: 2-40 ton/h
Styles: SZL-D, SZL-A
Available Fuel: coal, biomass, woodchips, palm shell/fiber, waste scrap, bagasse, sawdust, husks etcn
Applied Industries: steam for processing heating / drying / steam turbine etc


  • Yuanda SZ series coal biomass fired boiler is a water tube boiler, fuel burning on chain grate, reciprating grate or step grate. The maximum pressure of this boiler can reach 3.82 Mpa / 450℃, widely used for factory processing or drive steam turbine.

  • Design fuel: coal, biomass,palm oil shell,wood chips,biomass pellet,cashew nut, rice husk, solid fuel,etc. Yuanda Boiler good at biomass furnace design, different fuel has different furnace; Design pressure:0.4Mpa, 0.7mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa,2.5Mpa, 3.0mpa, 3.82mpa; SUPERHEATED BOILER please tell us, it needed to specially design. 

  • sz series coal biomass fired superheated steam boiler 360° looking

  • SZL coal /biomass boiler has A & D type, is our company patented feature product. This boiler has the characteristics of ①15% bigger furnace combustion, the heated area increases by 40% ②Light furnace wall, not easy to collapse, good airtightness, no deformation, no dust falling; ③The best adjustability, segmented air supply (preheating zone, drying zone, main combustion zone, coke zone, ash slag zone) can freely adjust the air volume ④ Secondary cyclone burnout chamber, greatly reduce fuel cost, improve boiler thermal efficiency ⑤ Built-in dust removal device in the furnace, effectively solve the problem of coking

  • industrial coal biomass supeheated steam boiler details

  • Whole boiler system: boiler proper |fuel feeder| grate speed reducer | slag remover | PLC control panel | Fleck water treatment | instruments&valves | feed water pumps | water tank | circulation pump | chimney | steam header | economizer | forced fan&induced fan | smoke dust clean equipment | dareator, TDS(choice), high efficiency & energy saving.

Typical Project


Product Advantages

★ The double-drum vertical arrangement and upper and lower assembly save the floor area of the boiler room.

★ It adopts large grate area, improving fuel adaptability and combustion efficiency.

★ The boiler has high dedusting efficiency, built-in deashing, and low original dust discharge concentration;

★ It has complete control function, is safe and steady, and guarantees the operation more;

★ It adopts a close isobaric wind chamber with more uniform air distribution and smooth regulation;

★ Its arch is designed by adopting momentum method, and “α” flame has more sufficient combustion;

★ The new arch and insulating materials have little radiation loss and increased heat efficiency;

★ It is novel in appearance, beautiful and pragmatic.
szl superheated steam boiler

We Provide


From boiler solution, optimization to installation, 24 hours online, provide technical support and avoid risks for you


Based on user needs, we supply tailored service, boiler drawing&PID system, boiler room design, foundation drawings etc


Full-life After sale service. With our professional technical experts and service team, skilled technology provides customers with professional services


Our engineer on-site guidance installation and commissioning, ensure boiler running perfect, free training for boiler operator


According to the customer production requirements, provide professional boiler solutions, cost analysis, project investment budget, boiler drawing&installation and commissioning service


Boiler model Rated capacity Rated Rated steam temp. Feed water temp. Exhaust gas temp. Design effiency Boiler water volume Weight Dimension Delivery mode
ton/h Mpa ºC m2 ºC % m3 ton mm
SZL2 2 1.25/1.6/1.8/
20/105 130.67 83.13 6.76 22 5900×2850×3460 Package
SZL4 4 142 84.23 5.1 29 6460×3280×3462 Package
SZL6 6 142 84.81 8.4 34 7830×3560×3462 Package
SZL8 8 149.15 85.02 9.4 40.5 8870×3670×3462 Package
SZL10 10 152.7 86.2 8.35 24 7645×3180×3526 Assembly
SZL12 12 148.7 86.56 12.8 37 9258×3294×3524 Assembly
SZL15 15 149.86 86.29 15.5 24.7 11010×3300×2200 Assembly
SZL20 20 147.4 86.8 15.8 25.97 16680×6200×8420 Assembly
SZL25 25 149.6 86.4 16.5 28 8300×3000×3600 Semi-Assembly
SZL30 30 148.6 86.8 16.8 29 8500×3600×3640 Semi-Assembly
For place limited, we didnot list all models. Please contact us directly for get specifics.

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