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8 ton membrane wall boiler
12 ton water tube boiler
10 ton woodchips pal shell biomass boiler
8 ton membrane wall boiler
12 ton water tube boiler
10 ton woodchips pal shell biomass boiler

SZL Water Tube Biomass Boiler

Biomass steam/hot water boiler | Water tube boiler | Membrane wall boiler

SZL series boiler is double drum boiler with seamless full membrane wall, grate combustion burning, can produce steam for industrial production. Also our company designing SZL-D type boiler most suitable for biomass fuel.

Output: steam/hot water
Capacity: 2-50 ton/h
Horsepower 10hp to 2500hp
Available Fuel: coal, biomass, woodchips, palm shell/fiber, bagasse, sawdust, husks etc
Applied Industries: Food/beverage, paper making, textile, packaging, medicine, feed mill, chemical industry, construction, hotel, laundry etc


SZL biomass boiler is a water tube structure boiler, longitudinally double drum boiler, combustione device is chain grate or reciprocating grate(step grate).

SZL series water tube boiler can fueled by wood, biomass, coal, palm kernel shells, coconuts shell, rice husks, sawdust, bagasse.

Has SZL-A & SZL-D types, especially SZL-D type is our company patented feature product. High technology, environmental and energy saving.

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SZL Core Technology

★ Whirlwind burning chamber structure

★ Indenpend wind chamber structure and secondary wind burning

★ Fron-rear water-cooled arch design

★ Large furnace capacity, wid biomass fuel adaptablity

★ Membrane water wall construction

★ Double 12cm Layer Aluminum silicate insultion

★ 5 stage water level and pressure protection, automatic interlock device

advantages of water tube biomass boiler

BOILER Advantages Of

① Offset furnace design, 15% bigger furnace combustion, the heated area increases along.

② Membrane type furnace wall, not easy to collapse, good airtightness, no deformation, no dust falling

③ Best wind adjust design, segmented air supply (preheating zone, drying zone, main combustion zone, coke zone, ash slag zone) can freely adjust the air volume

④ Secondary cyclone burnout chamber, reduce fuel cost, save running cost, improve boiler thermal efficiency

⑤ Built-in dust removal device inside boiler, effectively solve the problem of coking, low original dust discharge concentration

⑥ Equipped energy-saving device like economizer/preheater/cyclon/wet scrubber, environmental protection and energy conservation

⑦ Recommended suitable grate materials, and chain grate, reciprocating grate, or water cooling vibrating grate, according the fuel features.

SZL biomass boiler operation sites

Related Biomass Boilers

-- WNS-T is a hybird biomass boiler that is a combination of a biomass burner and fire tube boiler, and is more popular because of its flexibility. It can convert to gas fired or oil fired It can convert to gas fired or oil fired if required. The thermal effiency is a little lower than SZL type.
-- LSS biomass pellet boiler, capacity in 100kg to 6000kg, 70kw to 4800kw. Heat up fast, integrated design, small occupied, free installation
biomass burner boiler, hybird biomass boiler

About Yuanda Boiler

■ Established in 1956, as a stated owned enterprise.
■ Over 16 years export experiences, payment & shipping protection
■ CE ASME DOSH EAC GOST ISO high standard boiler certified
■ Production of various types boilers, provide pre-sale boiler proposal for customer select
■ Directly factory low price & quality protection.
■ Completed technology & after-sale service team.
■ Support Video / VR factory-inspection. Abroad installation and commissing service etc
■ Technical discussion, drawing about boiler solution for your company use
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WELCOME Contact Us for Boiler Information

Just please confirm 4 points as bellow, we will offer the appropriate boiler model for you, with price, specifications, running pictures.

1. How many ton/kg/kw/hp/kcal capacity you need?

2. What steam pressure or working temperature you need?

3. What fuel you plan to use?

4. What factory will you use the steam generator?


Boiler model Rated capacity Rated Rated steam temp. Feed water temp. Exhaust gas temp. Design effiency Boiler water volume Weight Dimension Delivery mode
ton/h Mpa ºC m2 ºC % m3 ton mm
SZL2 2 1.25/1.6/1.8/
20/105 130.67 83.13 6.76 22 5900×2850×3460 Package
SZL4 4 142 84.23 5.1 29 6460×3280×3462 Package
SZL6 6 142 84.81 8.4 34 7830×3560×3462 Package
SZL8 8 149.15 85.02 9.4 40.5 8870×3670×3462 Package
SZL10 10 152.7 86.2 8.35 24 7645×3180×3526 Assembly
SZL12 12 148.7 86.56 12.8 37 9258×3294×3524 Assembly
SZL15 15 149.86 86.29 15.5 24.7 11010×3300×2200 Assembly
SZL20 20 147.4 86.8 15.8 25.97 16680×6200×8420 Assembly
SZL25 25 149.6 86.4 16.5 28 8300×3000×3600 Semi-Assembly
SZL30 30 148.6 86.8 16.8 29 8500×3600×3640 Semi-Assembly
For place limited, we didnot list all models. Please contact us directly for get specifics.

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