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oil gas fired water tube boiler
20 ton gas fired water tube boiler
25 ton gas fired water tube boiler
15 ton gas fired water tube boiler
oil gas fired water tube boiler
20 ton gas fired water tube boiler
25 ton gas fired water tube boiler
15 ton gas fired water tube boiler

Water Tube Oil Gas Fired Boiler

SZS boiler | Gas oil fired boiler | Membrane wall boiler

SZS oil gas fired boiler, also called water tube boiler, capacity from 4 ton to 50 ton. It adopts double drum D type vertical arrangement, full membrane wall structure, reasonale and compact layout. Quick installation, less investment in boiler house infrastructure and short installation period.

Output: saturated/superheated steam, hot water
Capacity: 2-50ton/h, 1.4-35mw
Horsepower: 150hp - 3000hp
Fuel: heavy oil, diesel oil, biogas, NG, CNG, LNG, LPG, dual fuel
Applied Industries: heating supply in food, beverage, textile, paper, chemical, oil field, refinery, sugar...


SZS boiler is gas fired(oil fired) boiler with three pass return water tubes, also called fast-assembled water tube boiler. It adopts double-drum "D-type" arrangement, full water membrane wall structure, compound water circulation.

Fuel: natural gas, lpg, cng, biogas, diesel oil, heavy oil, dual fuel

• Capacity: 4-50 ton, 300-3500hp, 2.8-35mw

• Rated Pressure:1.0mpa/1.25mpa/1.6mpa/2.5mpa/3.0mpa/3.82mpa (30psi-600psi)

• High steam temperature up to 450˚C


For saturated steam, superheated steam or hot water supply, in food, beverage, refining, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, manufacturing, utilities and other industries.

Protective Function

• 5 Stage Interlock Protection. Water level protection, flame out protection, pressure protection, exhausted smoke over temperature protection, design with the 5th water level detector;
• Automatic operation of the burner ignition, flameout, big/small fire switch;
• Voltage and power supply abnormality protection function;
• Steam quality protection;
• Water quality protection (dosing device and TDS system optional)

• Leakage protection.


1. D-type offset furnace has large furnace space, good flame filling, and sufficient combustion;

2. D-type double drum with compact structure, quick installation.

3. Pure water pipe + large upper and lower drum design, rapid pressure increase, saving operating costs;

4. Larger water volume + steam-water separation device, high steam quality;

5. Adopt full water membrane wall furnace, which has good sealing performance and good heat transfer performance.

6. Double-layer 120mm aluminum silicate insulation, the outer temperature does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius

7. The tilt angle design of the upper and lower headers makes the water flow smoother and prevents the generation of dead water areas.

8. Natural water circulation princinple, low water quality requirements and has few faults.

9. The tail is equipped with a flue gas condensation device to reduce the flue temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler;

10. Built-in soot blower for effective cleaning of superheaters and other heat transfer surfaces

11. Safe operation for over 20 years


We Provide

Pre-sale service:
We help the customer to choose the best boiler model according to different requirements of different industries. Before delivery, we will provide quality certificates, fuel consumption calculation, project cost analysis, foundation drawings, layout drawings, boiler room drawings, factory inspection, etc.
In-sales service:
We stay online 24 hours and maintain close contacts during the production process to ensure on-time delivery with a perfect finished product.
After-sales service:
1. Provide a full system of boiler and original spare parts.
2. Overseas engineers installation and commissioning service is available.
3. Our engineers will conduct training for boiler workers to ensure safe operation.

4. Free maintenance and repair for one year and lifetime service.

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SZS steam boiler
Model ltem SZS4 SZS6 SZS10 SZS15 SZ20 SZ25 SZS30 SZS35 SZS40
Rated evaporation
4 6 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
Horsepower 300hp 400hp 700hp 1050hp 1400hp 1750hp 2100hp 2500hp 2800hp
Rated working pressure
1.0/1.25/ 1.6/2.5/3.0/3.82
Rate steam temperature
Feed water temperature
20 20 104/20 104/20 104/20 104/20 104/20 104/20 104/20
Body 90.22 125.6 205.56 216.84 271.5 285.24 392.34 457.7 523.12
Economizer 35.8 63.4 132.2 283.6 411.2 504.8 471.2 549.7 628.2
Condenser 25.4 41.5 62.8 101.1 134.7 168.3 252.4 294.7 336.8
Available Fuel lpg, cng, natural gas, biogas, coke gas, light oil, heavy oil, dual fuel
Fuel consumption Natural gas
288 432 720 1080 1440 1800 2160 2525 2881
Light oil
244 372 620 930 1240 1550 1860 2079 2373
Thermal efficiency  (%) >98

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