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biomass burner boiler
sawdust biomass burner boiler
husk burner boiler
biomass pellet burner boiler

Biomass / Wood Chips Burner Boiler

biomass burner boiler / husk burner boiler / woodchips burner boiler / sawdust burner boiler

WNS Biomass boiler use three pass fire tube structure, equipped with biomass burner.The fan in the burner blow the flame and high temperature exhausted gas into boiler furnace, then flow through spirally corrugated fire tubes, front smoke chamber and rear smoke chamber, into dust collector and chimney.

Capacity: 0.5-40 ton/h, 25hp-2500hp
Pressure 0.1 Mpa to 3.82 Mpa
Output: steam / hot water boiler
Available Fuel: biomass, pellets, woodchips, husks, sawdust, wood shavings etc
Applied Industries: food, beverage, diaries, feed mill, garment, textile mill, paper mill, packaged, refinery, chemical, laundry, hotel, greenhouse etcotel, greenhouse etc


  • WNS series biomass fuel burner boiler is a horizontal three pass wet back boiler, fuel burning in the front burner. The maximum pressure of the boiler can reach 3.82 Mpa / 450℃, provide steam or heating energy to fatory production;

  • This boiler proper could be fire tube boiler and water tube boiler, but is equipped with biomass burner. The wood/biomass pellets are lightly burned in the biomass burner, where a fan blows flames and high temperature flue gas into the furnace. Then the high-temperature flue gas is driven by the induced draft fan behind the boiler body, and passes through the spiral corrugated fire tube, the front smoke chamber, the rear smoke chamber, the economizer, then enters the dust collector and the chimney.biomass pellet burner wood chip burner boiler

  • Electric control cabinet realizes stepless timing of grating, limit parameter alarm and interlock alarm. Overpressure, overtemperature, low water level, etc. Interlock protection to ensure 100% safe operation of the boiler.

  • Features of WNS biomass burner boiler: WNS boiler can convert the burner easily according the local fuel price. For example, convert diesel oil fired boiler to biomass fired boiler, woodchips fired boiler convert to gas fired boiler and so on. Below is wood chip burner connect with fire tube boiler proper:biomass wood chips burner boiler line

Product Advantages

★ Three-return structure, prolongs the flow of flue gas and enhances heat transfer.
★Using large size corrugated furnace, large heating area, to meet the free expansion of the boiler and improve the efficiency of the boiler.
★The whole adopts threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat transfer and eliminate welding stress
★Design special steam-water separator to reduce steam humidity and improve steam quality.
★The overall wet back structure and transitional multi-circuit full temperature condenser design, ND material, and unicorn tube design greatly reduce the temperature of the back plate
★Double-layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulating material, two-level leak-proof design, tight sealing to avoid water leakage.
★Design tie rod to increase the strength of the tube sheet and prevent cracking.
★Explosion-proof door design to prevent explosion, reduce damage to the boiler and improve the safety of the boiler.
★New refractory material, strong solidification force, long service life, no falling off when shaken.
★Easy for inspection and maintenance, double door design, removable front and rear smoke boxes.

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Biomass Burner Boiler
Biomass pellet burner boiler model Unit WNS0.5-1.0-T WNS1-.10-T WNS2-1.25-T WNS4-1.25-T
Rated steam capacity t/h 0.5  1  2  4
Rated pressure Mpa 1  1.0  1.25  1.25
Feed water temperature 20  20  20  20
Rated steam temperature 184  184  194  194
biomass pellet Consumption kg/h 48  90  176  346
Thermal efficiency % 92  92  92  93
Main part weight ton 3.5  4.3  7.2  9.6
Main part size Length(mm) 3000  3561  4111  4732
Width(mm) 1500  1690  1950  2150
Height(mm) 1810  1910  2199  2448

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