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yuanda boiler waste incinerator
portable pet waste incinerator
mobile containerised incinerator
yuanda boiler waste incinerator
portable pet waste incinerator
mobile containerised incinerator

Animals Incinerator

cat / dog / rabbit / rat / bird / chicken / sheep / cow / camel incinerator

YDF waste incinerator is a new type of incinerator manufactured by Yuanda Boiler, which is smokeless, odorless eco-friendly, meets EU standards. We also developed automatic incinerator, top feeding incinerator, mobile containerised incinerator etc. Widely used in companies, hospitals, breeding farms, slaughterhouses...

Model: YDF animal incinerators
Capacity: 20kg-1000kg per batch
Type: dry incinerator, wet incnerator
Available Fuel: gas, diesel, waste oil
Application: pets, poultry, livestock, etc


  • YDF waste incinerator is the ideal equipment to disposal animal/pets waste. With high tech standard, smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly.

  • Using gasification incineration technology, it is suitable for incinerating various animal wastes from hospitals/medical institutions and medical wastes. At the same time, there will be no problems such as frit and sintering. The garbage generated every day can be incinerated at one time.

  • Three-dimensional structure, small size, small footprint, compact structure, and low requirements for supporting facilities.

  • The max temperature in the furnace can reach 1200℃; Using technologies such as gasification incineration, mixed incineration, and burnout treatment, the content of exhaust smoke and dust and dioxin content are lower than the national emission standards.

  • Easy installation & operation. Well-debugged in factory, on-site flange connection. Fully automatic, only one worker can operate it easily. etc.

Product Advantages

★ Easy operation, full automatically. One worker can operate it easily.

★ High temperature pyrolysis technology. The highest temperature can reach 1200 degrees Celsius, which can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection

★ Smokeless & Odorless. Double stage combustion chamber, comply with national emission standards;

★ It has complete control function, is safe and steady, and guarantees the operation more;

★ Easy installation. Well-debugged in factory. Only on-site flange connection;

★ 100% imported ltaly Brand Burner. Stable operation, low failure rate;

★ Low cost, save fuel. when the temperature of the frst combustion chamber reachesthe set temperature, the burner is automatically shut down andthe residual temperature is used for incineration;


YDF Incinerator
Model YDF-20 YDF-30 YDF-50 YDF-100 YDF-150 YDF-300 YDF-500
Burning Capacity
(5-6 batch/day)
20-30kg/per load  20-30 kg/per load  30-50 kg/per load   50-100 kg/per load  100-150 kg/per load  200-300 kg/per load   300-500 kg/per load 
Incinerator Size(m) (L*H*B) 1.6*1.3*1.75 1.45*0.9*2.55 1.8*1.15*3 1.8*1.4*3.4 2*1.4*3.5 2.2*1.4*3.8 3*2*4.8
Imputing Size(mm) 380*480 480*600 620*800 760*960 760*960 900*1100 1080*1280
Chimney External Diameter(mm) 280 280 280 300 300 400 460
Draught Fan 0.25kw 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.5kw 0.5kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Voltage 380V
Weight(kg) 1800 3000 5000 7000 8200 10000 16000

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