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300kg poultry incinerator
50kg pet cremation incinerator
300kg farm animal carcass incinerator
500kg port waste incinerator
300kg poultry incinerator
50kg pet cremation incinerator
300kg farm animal carcass incinerator
500kg port waste incinerator

Animal Cremation Incinerator

Animal Incinerator | Pet incinerator | Poultry incinerator

Our company YDF type animal incinerator adopts the most advanced incineration method of primary pyrolysis gasification + co-firing of surrounding wind + secondary incineration + burndown treatment.

Model: YDF
Capacity: 20kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg, 750kg
Type: manual, automatic, mobiled
Fuel: gas, diesel
Application: animal pets, general garbage, medical waste and others...


YDF incinerator is a cremation equipment specially designed for small, medium and large pets/animals.

The capacity of animal incinerator produced by Henan Yuanda Boiler ranges from 10kg to 750kg. Popular cremation furnace with high efficiency, smokeless and odorless.

YDF series animal incinerator, pet incinerator


●Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust (lower than international standard), greater cremation efficiency, reducing cremation time

●With front opening to facilitate loading and easy removing ashes;

●Primary combustion chamber automatically starts and stops, effectively utilizing high-temperature flue gas, fuel conservation;

●Equipped with first-class Itlay burner brand;

●Multilayer refractory lining with refractory brick and insulating brick;

●Combustion efficiency that is smell and smoke free, long lifetime

●Pre-assembled at factory, well-debugged before delivery.

animal incinerator, pet incinerator

We Provide

Pre-sale Service:

1. Incinerator model recommendation
2. Relevant drawings, quality certificate, factory inspection, Etc
3. Fuel/electricity consumption and cost analysis
4. Transportation一We have shipping partners and forwarder for lowest price and safe.

After-sale Service:

1. Provide a full set of incinerator and original spare parts.

2. Teaching video, training service

3. 24 hours online, quick respond for any questions
5. Free maintenance and repair for one year and lifetime service.

animal incinerator factory

Quality Assurance

Steel element test→Steel rust cleaningWelding electrodes drying processAutomatic welding, argon arc welding, expansion welding etc. methodsNDT(Nondestructive Testing) including X-ray Test, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic particle Test

About Our Company

 Founded in 1956, a quality supplier assessed, certified and inspected by SGS Group
■ CE ASME DOSH EAC GOST TUV BUV ISO high standard certification
■ More than 17 years of export experience, gold medal supplier, guaranteed payment and delivery.
■ Integrating research&development production and sales
■ Support video/VR or third party factory inspection
■ Exported to 108 countries, more than 100,000 customers


YDF Incinerator
Model YDF-20 YDF-30 YDF-50 YDF-100 YDF-150 YDF-300 YDF-500
Burning Capacity
(5-6 batch/day)
20-30kg 20-30 kg 30-50 kg 50-100 kg 100-150 kg 200-300 kg 300-500 kg
Incinerator Size(m) (L*H*B) 1.6*1.3*1.75 1.45*0.9*2.55 1.8*1.15*3 1.8*1.4*3.4 2*1.4*3.5 2.2*1.4*3.8 3*2*4.8
Imputing Size(mm) 380*480 480*600 620*800 760*960 760*960 900*1100 1080*1280
Chimney External Diameter(mm) 280 280 280 300 300 400 460
Draught Fan 0.25kw 0.37kw 0.37kw 0.5kw 0.5kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Voltage 380V
Weight(kg) 1800 3000 5000 7000 8200 10000 16000

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