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Vertical Wood / Biomass Boiler

Vertical water tube boiler | Small wood steam boiler | Vertical grate boiler

LSG wood/biomass boiler is vertical type small capacity boiler with water tube, compare with older boiler, temperature rise up faster, save energy, lower cost and higher thermal efficiency. No need build boiler room, reduce cost

Output: steam, hot water
Thermal Capacity: 100-1,000kg/hr 120-700kw/h
Styles: traveling grate or fixed grate boiler
Available Fuel: biomass, wood log, firewood, waste wood, palm shell, straw etc
Applied Industries: food, beverage, diaries, feed mill, garment, textile mill, paper mill, packaged, refinery, chemical, laundry, hotel, greenhouse etc


  • Vertical solid fuel boiler capacity 200kg-1000kg.

  • This vertical boiler widely used for food and beverage, dairy, garment, canteen, washing and ironing industry, packaging and labeling industry, sauna, heat exchange equipment, slaughthouse, hotel, laundry, and so on etc;

  • LSG series vertical coalor wood biomass boiler is a safe&low cost heating equipment with stable running, compact structure, reduce construction cost.

  • Vertical coal/wood boiler adopts “water tube stucturer". It has compact structure, easy to install, small footprint, small investment; Multi-pass and multi-return, the dust can be removed naturally without ID fan, save energy; High quality, running stable and loong life span; It is easy to operate and maintain, small in size and low in capital investment, more economical boiler options for scale factory.

How to determine the boiler that suits you?

1. Boiler capacity: according to heat equipment's whole using quantity of heating, we should considerate the max using quantity of heating and low using quantity of heating , and left fixed allowance , to confirm the boiler rated evaporation capacity(t/h)

2. Boiler pressure: according to using heating equipment's max working temperature and enough considerate steam transportation loss , to make sure saturated vapor, and to choose boiler pressure grade .

3. Use fuel: what fuel you wanna burning? mostly choose cheap fuel or the fuel easy to get. We have natural gas, lpg, diesel, heavy oil, waste oil, coal, wood biomass, elecric etc.



Packaged compact structure & Small footprint

1. Quick into use, only need connect fee water, electric power; 2. Adopts vertical structure, occupy small area, no need boiler room, reduce cost.


PLC control system, high degree of automation

Two sets of safety spare parts, high and low water level alarm and low water level interlock protection, steam overpressure alarm and interlock protection function


ND Economizer Design, Energy Saving

Recycle exhausted smoke to heat feed water, reduce exhaust smoke temperature, increase feed water temp then save fuel cost at least 6-10% per hour

Our Service


From boiler solution, optimization to installation, 24 hours online, provide technical support and avoid risks for you


Based on user needs, we supply tailored service, boiler drawing&PID system, boiler room design, foundation drawings etc


Full-life After sale service. With our professional technical experts and service team, skilled technology provides customers with professional services


Our engineer on-site guidance installation and commissioning, ensure boiler running perfect, free training for boiler operator


According to the customer production requirements, provide professional boiler solutions, cost analysis, project investment budget, boiler drawing&installation and commissioning service


LSG steam boiler
Model Rated steam output
Rated steam pressure
Rated steam temperature
Feed water temperature
Thermal efficiency(%) Overall dimension (m)
LSG0.1-0.4-AⅡ/T 0.1 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 89 0.8x 1.94
LSG0.2-0.4-AⅡ/T 0.2 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 89.2 0.9x 2.7
LSG0.3-0.4/0.7-AⅡ/T 0.3 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 89.5 1.2x 2.58
LSG0.5-0.4/0.7-AⅡ/T 0.5 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 89.6 1.3x 2.95
LSG0.7-0.4/0.7-AⅡ/T 0.7 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 91 1.6x 3.0
LSG1-0.4/0.7-AⅡ/T 1 0.4/0.7(4-10 in bar) 130~174 20 91 1.5x 3.2
Note: Standard boiler parameter is for your reference, should follow the actual technical data according customer needs & engineer design.

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