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container boiler
skid-mounted boiler
mobile steam boiler
portable steam boiler
container boiler
skid-mounted boiler
mobile steam boiler
portable steam boiler

Container boiler

Plug and play boiler | Skid-mounted boiler | Portable steam boiler

Portable steam boiler has skid mounted boiler and container boiler, which is to fix all auxiliary equipment like boiler, control system, soft water processor, soft water tank, feed water pump, sub-cylinder, fuel tank and instrument valve, and realize the portable of the whole equipment.

Transfer medium: steam
Thermal Capacity: 50-10,000kg/hr 100-7000kw/h
Styles: steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot oil boiler
Fuel: Fuel oil, electricity
Applied Industries: food, beverage,paper mill, packaged, refinery, chemical, laundry, hotel, oilfiled, construction, bitumen etc


  • Portable steam generating boiler has 2 types: skid mounted boiler and containerised boiler.

  • Free installation, only need to conect water/electricity/fuel then put into use.

  • Easy for moving, low requirements for the boiler use environment, no boiler room construction

  • Boiler main advantages: "first furnace tube pass" "second fire tube pass" "three fire tube pass", "wet back water wall", "large corrugated furnace" and "patented thread pipe" technology. It equipped with  famous burner & valve groups, and independently developed high-matching PLC control system to realize muitiple linkages. Over pressure, over temperature, low water level, air ignition alarm interlock. The lock protection function ensure the equipment running 100% safety.

  • We Yuanda Boiler has strict quality control department. Such as many tests for raw materials, boiler NDT((Nondestructive Testing) including X-ray Test, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic particle Test, then three hydraulic pressure test before packaged.

  • Portable Boiler View

  • container steam boiler, mobile steam boilers


(1) Complete facilities in the main body, reasonable arrangement of chimneys, lighting, doors and windows, drain pipes, etc.;

(2) A wide range of resettlement and work sites, such as mobile operations, oil field, construction sites, field operations, etc., and the container-type can adapt to the working environment of minus 45°C;

(3) There are few on-site installation procedures and low requirements for the boiler use environment;

(4) Compact structure, large furnace design, energy saving device, energy saving;

(5) The base beam of the skid-mounted boiler is designed with I-beam, and the two ends are designed with oil skid structure. The rigidity and strength of the overall structure of the equipment fully meet the requirements of overall lifting, and it is convenient to transport and move;

(6) The furnace body is sealed with ceramic fiber, and the outer packaging is made of thick aluminum silicate fiber board. The furnace body has super heat insulation, no smoke and less heat dissipation, which saves costs and ensures the normal temperature in the container.



From boiler solution, optimization to installation, 24 hours online, provide technical support and avoid risks for you


Based on user needs, we supply tailored service, boiler drawing&PID system, boiler room design, foundation drawings etc


Full-life After sale service. With our professional technical experts and service team, skilled technology provides customers with professional services


Our engineer on-site guidance installation and commissioning, ensure boiler running perfect, free training for boiler operator


According to the customer production requirements, provide professional boiler solutions, cost analysis, project investment budget, boiler drawing&installation and commissioning service


gas/diesel fired boiler
Model Rated steam output
Rated pressure
Rated steam temperature
Feed water temperature
Fuel consumption
Light diesel oil(kg/h) Natural gas(Nm3/h)
WNS 0.5 0.5 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 32.5 35.7
WNS 1 1 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 64.6 70.1
WNS 1.5 1.5 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 96.8 105.2
WNS 2 2 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 129.3 140.3
WNS 3 3 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 192.9 212.1
WNS 4 4 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 258.2 283.4
WNS 5 5 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 323.5 354.7
WNS 6 6 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 388.6 424.2
WNS 8 8 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 514.6 566.3
WNS 10 10 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 641.7 707.8
WNS 12 12 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 768.9 849.3
WNS 15 15 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 960.1 1061.7
WNS 20 20 0.4~2.5 mpa 130~226 20/105 1276.2 1415.8
Note: Standard boiler parameter is for your reference, should follow the actual technical data according customer needs & engineer design.
Tips: for place limited, we didnot list all models, if you need other capacity, other pressure, use other fuel, please send us inquiry directly, we will send you detailed parameter.

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