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WHRB exhaust gas steam boiler
waste heat steam boiler supplier
waste heat recovery boiler
WHRB exhaust gas steam boiler
waste heat steam boiler supplier
waste heat recovery boiler

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Exhaust Gas Boiler, WHRB, Waste Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Waste heat recovery boilers are boilers that use the sensible heat of exhaust gas, waste liquid or (and) the heat generated by the combustion of combustible substances in industrial processes to generate steam or hot water for factory use.

Output steam/hot water/hot oil
Capacity 0.5 Ton to 20 Ton
Installation packaged
Powered by exhaust gas, waste heat
Applied Industries: food, beverage, feed mill, textile mill, paper mill, packaged, refinery, chemical, central heating etc


Waste heat recovery boilers are boilers that use the sensible heat in exhaust gas, waste or waste liquid in various industrial processes or (and) the heat generated by the combustion of their combustible substances to generate steam or hot water for users to use.

●Tips: every waste heat recovery boiler needs to be customized

Dears, please share some information (leave message or contact info@yuanda-boiler, WhatsApp+86 18703633064) to confirm boiler model and design the most suitable boiler for you.

1. Flue gas side parameters:

Flue gas volume (standard or working condition), flue gas inlet temperature, flue gas composition, flue gas dust content, flue gas side pressure (positive or negative pressure), boiler flue gas side system resistance

2. Boiler parameters:

Boiler rated evaporation, boiler rated steam pressure, boiler rated steam temperature, boiler exhaust gas temperature

3. Other parameters:

The industry of the main flue gas system, system process description, boiler installation form, boiler structure form, meteorological parameters of the boiler installation site or other special requirements.

The above is the basic data required by users for the preliminary design of waste heat boiler. Only after the above parameters are provided, can the design of boiler scheme be convenient.
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  1. The waste heat boiler can effectively utilize the existing waste heat or solid sensible heat.

  2. The waste heat boiler can generate steam in a multi-pressure state, which improves the heat recovery efficiency.

  3. The waste heat boiler does not require a fuel combustion device.

  4. As waste heat utilization, the waste heat boiler should be adapted to the needs of the main process and cannot affect the operation of the main process.

  5. The layout of the heating surface of the waste heat boiler is diversified.



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Waste heat boiler design
You need to provide the parameters listed in the following table
industry involved
Flue gas side parameter
1 Boiler inlet flue gas side pressure Pa
2 Boiler inlet smoke Volume Range (Standard condition) m3/h
3 Design value of boiler inlet flue gas (standard condition) Nm3/h
4 Boiler inlet flue gas temperature range
5 Boiler inlet flue gas temperature design value
6 Flue gas temperature at boiler outlet ~℃
7 Boiler inlet flue gas composition (percentage by volume) %

and other basic data required..., contact us for ger full version of the form

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