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industrial steam boiler1
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industrial steam boiler1
industrial steam boiler2
industrial steam boiler3
industrial steam boiler4

Industrial Steam Boiler

Gas diesel boiler | Biomass/wood boiler | Electric heating boiler

Industrial steam boiler is an important heating equipment for factory production, popular in all the needs of steam or hot water/air/oil. Widely used in food/beverage, paper making, packaged, textile, feed mill, refinery, chemical, building materials, laundry, hotel and other industries.

Layout: Horizontal, Vertical, Skid Mounted, Container
Capacity: 0.1 - 50ton/h, 80 - 28000kw
Horsepower: 10 to 2500hp
Available Fuel: gas, lpg, diesel, coal, briquette, wood, biomass, husk, electric etc
Applied Industries: food, beverage, paper making, packaged, textile, feed mill, refinery, chemical, building materials, laundry, hotel


yuanda boiler products series

Option A Gas Oil (lpg diesel hfo) Boiler

  • 0.5ton-20ton/h WNS gas/oil fire tube boiler, horizontal 3-pass wet back with reversal chamber, quick fitting & fully automatic.

  • Vertical boiler LHS model in 100kg-1000 kg gas/oil boiler, it's vertical type burner boiler, suitable for small factory processing

  • 6ton-50ton SZS gas oil fired water tube boiler, water membrane wall design, high efficiency 98%, enough big combustion furnace boiler

  • Option B Electric Boiler

    • WDR horizontal electric boiler in 0.5ton to 20ton, 350kw to 14000 kw, put into use quickly once connect power supply, no fuel arrangement, clean energy power and fully-automatic operation

    • LDR vertical electric steam generator in 18-500kg, 25kw to 350kw, small scale steam boiler, easy movable boiler, rapid start-up, very price competitive and very easy to install,

    • electric boiler industrial,

      Option C Solid Fuel (coal,biomass) Boiler

      • 0.5ton-20 ton DZL horizontal chain grate boiler, automatic steam boiler, single drum water&fire tube structure, higher efficiency

      • 100kg-700 kg LSG vertical coal/biomass boiler, small industrial boiler, manual feeding & small occupy & easy operation

        • 2ton-40ton SZL/SZW series water tube boiler with reciprocating grate or water-cooled vibrating grate, double-drum show "D" or "A" layout. Sufficient output, will design special furnace according to different solid/biomass fuel

        • 1ton-6ton DZH series hand-fired solid fuel boiler with traveling grate. Strong fuel adaptability, water&fire tube structure, low running cost with less mechanical failure

About Our Company

■ Established in 1956, as a stated owned enterprise.
■ Over 16 years export experiences, payment & shipping protection
■ CE ASME DOSH EAC GOST ISO high standard boiler certified
■ Production of various types boilers, provide pre-sale boiler proposal for customer select
■ Directly factory low price & quality protection.
■ Completed technology & after-sale service team.
■ Support Video/VR inspection. Abroad installation and commissing service etc
■ Technical discussion, drawing about boiler solution for your company use

Industrial Boiler Manufacturer

Boiler We Have

Steam Boiler/Generator (the boiler can produce pressure steam/vapor for production process) , Hot Water Heater Boiler (output hot water or central heating for space/buildings), Thermal Oil Heater Boiler (heating oil purpose, hot oil circulation for factory), Turbine Boiler (drive turbine, to generating electricity)

② Fuel can be: Gas, Lpg, Diesel, Heavy Oil, Coal, Wood, Biomass, Charcoal, Briquette, Pellets, Waste Fabric, Husk, Fruit Shells, Forest Waste, Paper Waste etc

③ Sructure has: Fire Tube Boiler, Water Tube Boiler, Water-Fire Tube Boiler, Chain Grate Boiler, Reciprocating Grate Boiler, Step Grate Boiler, Traveling Grate Boiler

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Boiler Model
Heating Medium Fuel Type Rated Pressure
Boiler Model
gas/oil 0.4, 0.7, 1.0, 1.25, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.8 WNS0.5 WNS1 WNS2...WNS12 WNS15 WNS20
LHS0.5 LHS1 (ton/h)
solid fuel
(coal biomass wood...)
LSG0.5 LSG1 (ton/h)
electric WDR0.5 WDR1 WDR2...WDR10
LDR0.025 LDR0.05...LDR0.5 (ton/h)
hot water gas oil none-pressure,0.7,1.0,1.25,1.6 WNS0.35 WNS0.7 WNS1.4... WNS14
LHS0.12 LHS0.23 LHS0.7 (mw)
solid fuel
(coal biomass wood...)
DZL0.35 DZL0.7...DZL10.5 DZL14
DZH0.35 DZH0.7...DZH4.2 (mw)
electric CWDR0.35 CWDR0.7...CWDR5.6 CWDR7 (mw)
thermic oil gas oil 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 YYQW350 YYQW700...YYQW7000 YYQW14000
YYQL350 YYQL700...YYQL7000 (kw)
solid fuel
(coal biomass wood...)
YLW700 YLW1400...YLW14000
YGW700 YGW1400...YGW5600
YGL230 YGL350...YGL7000 (kw)
electric YDW24 YDW36...YDW1400 (kw)

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