Yuanda Boiler 4 ton Manual Steam Boiler to Vietnam


On November 26, the 2 ton hand-fired steam boiler of Yuanda Boiler was delivered as scheduled. The customer is a feed production company in Vietnam, which mainly produce fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.

This 2 ton manual type steam boiler is a feature product of Yuanda Boiler. This product can burn coal, waste cloth, jute, wood chips and various biomass, the feeding method is by labor and the thermal efficiency is as high as 85%. Therefore, this manual steam boiler is a better option for you if the budget is limited.

news-2-ton-manual-type-coal-fired-steam-boiler-to-Vietnam.jpg news-2-ton-manual-coal-fired-steam-boiler-to-Vietnam2.jpg

For this DZH manual steam boiler model, we also have 1 ton coal/wood chips boiler, 2 ton coal/wood chips boiler, 3 ton coal/wood chips boiler, 4 ton coal/wood chips boiler, 5 ton coal/wood chips boiler, 6 ton coal/wood chips boiler. They are all pacakge boiler which can put into use after installation.

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