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Yuanda Boiler Feature Product


As we know, Yuanda Boiler is one of the leading industrial boiler manufacturer in China. Not only the boiler quality is better than others, but also invested a lot of funds and talents in boiler technology to develop better industrial boilers. Today we will introduce the characteristic product from our Yuanda Boiler, that is "D-type double-drum chain grate boiler".


What are the technical advantages of D-type double-drum chain grate boiler?

Improved on szl steam boiler, especially suitable for less than 8 ton client;

A whirlwind combustion chamber is designed in the furnace, which has sufficient combustion and first-level dust removal to meet the requirements of improving the thermal efficiency and protecting the environment. This technology of Yuanda Boiler obtained national patent.

The independent air chamber structure is designed to flexibly adjust the air volume and pressure, then avoid insufficient combustion. This technology of Yuanda Boiler also obtained national patent.

Wide range of fuel applications. This boiler can burnning coal, wood, biomass pellet, rice husk, palm shell, jute and so on.