200 Sets CWHS Container Module Biomass Heating Plants Shipping to Hungarian


Central heating season is coming soon, Hungarian customers ordered a large number of container module biomass heating plants.

The first batch of 200 containers arrived at Yuanda factory, for loading and delivery, At present, the hot water boilers have been successfully loaded and sent to the port.

Product Name: CWHS Plug-and-play biomass heating hot water boiler plant


Fuel: biomass pellets, wood pellets, wood chips, etc.
Rated water temperature: 85℃
Rated return water temperature: 60℃
Product Highlights: 
1. No installation required, only need to connect the heat and power network;
2. All parts have been installed and tested successfully before delivery;
3. Easy to move

biomass heating water boilers (3).jpg

biomass heating water boilers (1).jpg