Yuanda Boiler Successfully Passed the Review of A-level Boiler License


    From December 15th to December 16th, 2022, the State Administration for Market Regulation commissioned the China Boiler and Boiler Water Treatment Association to review Yuanda Boiler company for the renewal of a Class A boiler manufacturing license.

    Class A boiler manufacturing license represents the highest level of boiler manufacturing. It has professional and complete manufacturing equipment and can manufacture various boilers and pressure vessels.

    At the first meeting, the experts of the evaluation team listened to Chairman Zhao Guoqiang's introduction to the company's basic situation. , Product R & D test platform, etc. were inspected. After strict review and comprehensive evaluation by the experts of the review team, the review shows that our company's resource conditions, system management and product safety and quality conform to the relevant safety technical specifications for special equipment, the quality system is operating effectively, and product production activities can be well in accordance with regulations and quality systems. The file works effectively.

    The evaluation team gave suggestions on the aspects that the company needs to pay more attention to in the manufacture of Class A boilers. The company will actively respond and implement improvements to continuously improve the company's quality management level and promote the sustainable and steady development of the company.



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