Welcome 1200,000kcal Thermal Oil Boiler Customer


On December 17th, Zhengzhou Company of Yuanda Boiler welcomed customers from Mongolia.

The manager picked up the customer from the airport early in the morning. After understanding, the customer's demand for the boiler was urgent, so he wanted to inspect the boiler running site and buy the boiler as soon as possible. The customer runs a grease plant that requires at least 800,000 kcal/h per hour and needs heating to the building. Based on the customer's own requirements and the outdoor temperature in Mongolia, the engineer suggested that the customer purchase a 2 ton thermal oil boiler, that is, 1200,000 kcal/h per hour, and then configure a hot water boiler for heating building at the rear of the boiler, utilizing the remaining heat effectively saves costs. At the same time, we also provides customers with cost analysis, such as the coal consumption per hour of 2 ton thermal oil boiler. In the end, the customer decided to purchase a 2-ton coal-fired thermal oil boiler.


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