2 ton Biomass Fired Boiler for EBS industry Successfully Operated


On December 10, Mr. Feng, engineer from Yuanda Boiler sent pictures of the operation site, which the 2 ton DZL biomass steam boiler produced by our company has been successfully operated in a EBS factory. It is worth mentioning that this boiler is the second boiler that the customer purchased at Yuanda, and we are very proud of it.

case-2-ton-bioamss-steam-boiler-for-ebs-industry.jpg case-2-ton-biomass-fired-boiler-for-ebs-industry-1.jpg

The customer is a EBS factory in Pakistan. Previously, they purchased our YLW biomass fired thermal oil heater. This October, the customer once again found the manager Celia, asking her to choose a steam boiler. After all aspects of cost calculation and our suggestion, the customer finally choose a 2 ton biomass steam boiler, and the customer is very satisfied not only for the product and also the service from Yuanda Boiler, then our engineer immediately began to go abroad for installation and commissioning.

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